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  • Learning to See the Commons

    Generations of propaganda about the instability of “the commons” and the desirability of assigning property rights in everything has led the human race into a very dark place: now, two scholars, David Bollier and Silke Helfrich, have published Free, Fair and Alive, which offers a critique of the “Tragedy,” case studies of working commons, and…

  • Dec 12-13, Würzburg

    Constitutions of Value (Exploratory Workshop) + MORE INFO

  • Dec 12, Brussels

    Our Future: Fair & Healthy Food with Jose Luis Vivero Pol, Deirdre Woods, Tine Heyse and Olivier de Schutter. Registration is free but limited and mandatory before December 3rd + MORE INFO

  • Dec 11, London

    The Art of Invitation: Creative Approaches to Community Engagement, from 10am to 4pm (arrivals from 9.30am), Amnesty International UK + MORE INFO

  • Dec 9, London

    Prototyping the food commons for algorithmic food justice, at Spitalfields City Farm + MORE INFO

  • Dec 7, Newcastle

    Community Wealth Building: Building An Economy For All. From 10am to 4pm (arrivals from 9.30am). + MORE INFO

  • Dec 4, Germany

    Frei, Fair und Lebendig – Die Macht der Commons, book presentation and conversation with Silke Helfrich and Johanna Sittel, from the Sociology Institute of Friedrich Schiller Unversität Jena, hosted by Landesstiftung Thüringen (German spoken). + MORE INFO

  • Reimagining the commons: Q&A with David Bollier

    The commons hold an almost mythological allure in our minds — something from a bygone era when human societies were marked by collectivism and community cohesion. We might think of Medieval England, where forests were held in common by communities of people who could freely forage and hunt. Or perhaps the word evokes images of…

  • “Free, Fair and Alive” is Now Published!

    From cohousing and agroecology to fisheries and land trusts and open-source everything, people around the world are increasingly turning to “commoning as a way to emancipate themselves from a predatory market/state system.  David Bollier and his coauthor Silke Helfrich have now published one of the most comprehensive and in-depth looks at what the commons means…

  • Free, Fair and Alive: Exploring the Commons with David Bollier

    Tuesday September 17th 6.30pm: drinks at 18 Well Walk, Hampstead, NW3 1LD Gaia House  7.30pm – 9pm: talk and discussion at The Friends Meeting House, 120 Heath Street, Hampstead NW3 1DR  Tickets: £5 standard. £4 concession. Join us for an evening with American author, activist and commons expert David Bollier, for the UK launch of his…